It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.

Hi There!

I’m Christin: part-time Speech-Language Pathologist, full-time bookworm + tea drinker, and occasional traveler. 

I’m striving to find joy at home and on the road, as well as design products that make your life and teaching happier.

What i love

thoughts on faith, books, home, + travel

 The blog is my space to write about things I love. Here, you’ll find my thoughts on the latest book I’ve read (it’s likely Tolkien or Lewis), the tea I’m drinking (with milk and honey, please), the place I’ve visited (always wishing it’s England), or the pondering of my heart while at home (there’s faith involved). 

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Faith, Books, + Life

January Update + February Goals

January is over! Could it have been any longer? I actually didn't feel the lull until this week when my body suddenly decided it was just done. After a nap on Wednesday and a near nap on Thursday, I knew something was definitely up. Thankfully, today has turned out...

Celebrating the Season of Light

I’m one of those people who gets pretty excited to take down the Christmas decorations because, despite how much I adore them, I love that fresh, clean slate. This year, however, I decided to leave a few bits and bobs up - mostly, the dried oranges, evergreen boughs,...

Visualizing My Year

You may have already seen my post about my Rule of Life and how I decided to use this as a framework for 2020 (and beyond!) rather than choosing a resolution or word of the year. I'm still excited about my rule and have been referring back to it regularly. BUT I've...

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