Last weekend, J and I went Black Friday shopping. For J, deal finding is a challenge and for each of us, it’s the beginning of the holiday season. This weekend, we focused on baby gear, my capsule wardrobe, and cell phone upgrades. J had a great plan to get us a couple of iPhone 8’s, but they fell through pretty quickly. Our old iPhone 6S’s were in quite a state all day, needing to be charged constantly to keep up with simple web browsing and texting. By the end of the evening, we were both fed up and drove to the Apple Store, sitting in the car during a downpour, debating walking in and buying new phones outright. In the big picture, the cost isn’t too extreme, I realize. in our life, however, thousands of dollars on cell phones doesn’t really fit into our lifestyle.

But we were close. So close. I could simultaneously feel every muscle in my body itching to get the whole process over and revolting against the notion.

At some point, I mentioned the Moto G6 that we had seen earlier that day. Looking up the deal, I mentioned what we could spend to walk away with two tonight. And just like that, we stepped away from the ledge.

We drove to Best Buy, bought two phones, and didn’t look back. For the last few days, we’ve been getting used to the swap from IOS to Android, which I expected to be a bit bigger deal than it has been. And surprisingly, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. We still have access to everything we need. We’re still extremely lucky to be able to take part in the technological advancements of our lifetime.

So many times, we’ve commented on how glad we are not to have spent over 3 times more than we would have on iPhones. With the money we’ve saved, we’ve thought of so many things we can do that will make our life fuller and more beautiful.

Hours before we made the swap, we would have thought we were downgrading. We would have felt that we were settling. We would have assumed our technological life would be somehow less. And yet, it hasn’t been. In fact, I think we feel we’ve upgraded. We’ve broken a cycle that was hard to break. A cycle that has both tangible and mental/emotional components. We feel relieved, as though a huge weight has been lifted from both of our shoulders.

It is so freeing. Settling isn’t settling at all.