I recently became aware of They All Saw a Cat, by Brendan Wenzel, after seeing it hailed as a success within the world of children’s books and publishing. A children’s book lover, I set out to make myself familiar and discover, for myself, why it has captured that world’s attention.

They All Saw a Cat very quickly reminded me of Eric Carle, with its repetitive narrative that shares a simple day in the life of a cat and all the creatures it encounters. Even having read the dust jacket, it took several pages for me to fully grasp what concept Wenzel had set out to explore.


What does the cat see as it meets its fellow animals? What do those animals see? It depends entirely on the individual situation.

What the dog sees…

is quite different from what the mouse sees.

The illustrations (also by Wenzel) are lovely, engaging, and meaningful – it’s through them that the real story is told, rather than the words.

We all walk the same earth – we do not all experience it in the same way.

They All Saw a Cat will make a lovely addition to any children’s library and therapist or teacher’s bookshelf. It’s rhythmic reading style, engaging photos, and clever life lesson make it a must have!

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