All you need is love.                                                                                                                                                                                                 – John Lennon

There was talk of politics today, and law, and the evangelical strive to “policy” people out of their sins.

The same night, I read an article about how current curriculum is scaring kids away from making eco-friendly choices. They’re taught how much is wrong from a young age. They need to love the earth before they will want to save it.

In both situations, the problem, and answer, seems to be love.

Policy won’t change the deep rooted sins and hurts that lead to many of our society’s problems. Just as scaring kids with abstract problems won’t inspire them to change the world. And I’ll never “win” the unsaved sinner to Christ by reminding them over and over again just how much sin they are in.

I have to love them.

I have to demonstrate the love God has for them.

I have to show them that loving Him is worth it.

Which cycles back to –

I have to love God, fervently. I have to love His kingdom. Before I can try to bring people to Him.