This has been rolling around in my brain lately, working itself out on the pages of my journal. I think a lot about love. Often, not so much about selflessness.

It’s something I struggle with. I feel, deeply. Compassion. Empathy. My heart goes out. Yet, how often do my feet follow? How often do my prayers reflect that?

I read this week that prayer is powerful because of whom we pray to. It’s not my words or the length of time spent there. It’s the sincerity of my belief that He listens and cares and can and will move.

Do I believe?

Can I love others more?

More than myself.

More than my stuff.

More than my personality.

More than my goals.

More than my productivity.

Or will I choose to be stuck within my own mind, my own life, my own comfort, building up castles of contentment for myself, all the while waving high the banner of peace and love?

As far as resolutions go, this one is hard. To some extent, unmeasurable. But all the more important.