Happy Friday, friends! I’m joining you with something a little fun and inconsequential today – some home style inspiration!

I have a few things for the home on my purchase list that I’m keeping an eye out for at the moment and, as usual, I turned to Pinterest for some visual inspiration. My husband and I live in a tiny little cottage with some pretty incredible features, such as original hardwood floors and lovely wooden molding, and some quite weird features, such as hideous wallpaper and window units. [We’re renters.]

When we moved here a couple of years ago, it was right on the back of a trip to the U.K. and we were still completely enamored with the cottages of the Cotswolds. I wanted nothing more than an overflowing rose garden and sheep. Our little pink cottage, tucked neatly into downtown, was a far cry from that, but it did provide the interior aesthetic that we were missing! And, as it so happened, our eclectic mish-mash of family gifted, thrifted, and hauled from Ikea worked quite well! Every time I walk in the door, it feels both very us and very English. But, I have a feeling there will be a move coming on in the next year or so and I’m trying to make current purchase decisions with the future in mind. And, since I love our aesthetic so much, I want to move our future home even more into that English country vibe!

So, just for fun on your weekend, here are some of my favorite inspiration images for that one day, down the road home! Enjoy and happy weekend, everyone!

*all photos from Pinterest