Happy Friday, everyone!

I thought that this week I would share some games that are fun for only 2 players, as most group board game nights are probably canceled for now. I’m going to keep this short and just link photos, where you can buy, and some basic info about the game itself. Enjoy!

Roll up to 6 dice and cross off numbers from left to right. The only catch? You can’t go backwards at all! Players can “lock” certain color rows by crossing off 5 of that color. When all color rows are locked, the game is over and scores are tallied.
Each turn, a player discards or plays one of the cards in their hand before drawing a new card. Cards are played in colored rows, moving from 2 to 12 in order (no going back). When all the cards are gone, the score is tallied.
Draw tiles and range them on your board in a variety of patterns to earn points. The game ends when there are no more tiles to draw.
Draw tiles and arrange them based on what you draw (roads must connect to another road, fields must connect to another field, etc…). Add “people” to you tiles to gain extra points. When all tiles are drawn, points are assigned based on what you’ve built.
It’s not as easy with 2 players, but everyone is dealt a hand of cards. Playing simultaneously, lay down cards from 1 – 10 by color. Move fast, because everyone has the same objective.

Do you have any favorite 2 player games? I’d love to hear!