Do you think that,
in a few years time,
we'll remember these days?
Not the statistics,
or the politics,
or the projections.
Not the fear,
or the uncertainty,
or the panic.

Rather -
will we remember the days
that we read books
instead of going out?
Will we remember the days
that we cooked at home
instead of ordering in?
Will we remember the days
that we watched the birds fly,
listened to the crickets sing,
felt the cool breeze of an open window
and took a moment
(maybe just a small one)
to smile,
to breathe in,
to appreciate
the day as is?

When it's all over,
when life goes on,
how quickly do you think we'll forget?
The feeling of a quiet night in;
the taste of a freshly baked treat;
the flicker of a candle;
the sight of a clear, blue sky.
Will we choose to remember?
Or will we choose to live
as we always have before?