Robe brushes space, hair flows

Behind, eyes flit to worlds afar.

Creation’s daughter dances

As she wanders among the stars.

Glancing down, she discerns

A man, cast down, bearing a scar.

He treads a path of woe

And still she waltzes among the stars.

His gaze downcast, his spirit

Low, Creation’s daughter is jarred

By sorrow as yet unseen,

As she has walked among the stars.

Staring now, as he fells a

Tree, too heavy for man by far.

Yet, he bears it willingly

As she watches among the stars.

But lo! He falls, and no

Help comes. Her delight has been marred.

Creations’ daughter crumbles,

As she weeps among the stars.

The light grows dim, her tears

Cascade, as all fades and turns to dark.

Till a voice begins to sing,

As she waits among the stars.

The light now grows, the song

Grows too, on lyre and on guitar.

The man, he smiles, his woes no more

As she wakens among the stars.

Dancing lightly, running free,

Joy and laughter have been unbarred,

As now her tears fall gleefully,

And she is washed among the stars.

A hush now falls as the man

Draws near, no more bearing a scar.

Creation’s daughter bows

As she is wed among the stars.