July 9:

Each and every time I do one of these experiments, one of the very first things I notice is how much happier I am. That’s not to say I haven’t missed some things. I’ve found myself wondering what some of my favorite Instagrammers are doing, but that’s led me to look forward to their newsletters and blog posts even more. The worst time is first thing in the morning. When I’m in that foggy state of being, not quite wanting to get out of bed, I find myself still reaching for my phone and, upon remembering there’s nothing fun on there, I’ll check the weather or just stare at the screen for a minute. It’s made me realize that I use scrolling almost as a defense mechanism or excuse against just getting up and starting my day. I haven’t woken up any earlier, but I am getting out of bed faster now. I don’t reach for it during the day as much as I would have expected to, which is nice. So far, it’s also been surprisingly easy to just delete the emails I get for shopping updates – one particular sale almost had me clicking, but I managed to resist. Overall, I’ve managed to do some things I wouldn’t have done otherwise with my freed up time.

July 13:

I can’t say that I’ve really missed Instagram at all. I do imagine I will begin posting again, chiefly for the purpose of working towards my businesses; however, I’ve almost concluded that I will do so from my laptop only, rather than putting the app back on my phone. Pinterest will likely be the same, Though I’m not as prone to spending time there unless I have something particular in mind (I did use it a bit last week to save pictures of hair cuts, leading up to my first post-quarantine salon visit). Possibly the hardest thing to reduce has been YouTube, which is surprising me. I think it’s due to the fact that I can listen to something on YouTube while doing something else, like working on a product. I originally intended only to listen to Dr. Campbell’s COVID updates and play music or ASMR while I worked, but I’ve fallen into a habit of listening to various suggestions that pop up. I haven’t entirely decided whether this is a negative or more neutral habit, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. For this week, I’ll task myself with only having them on for background noise or in a very short break from work, if needed. In that case, videos will definitely need to be limited to one at a time, since most only run 10-20 minutes (an okay pause in work, I think).