“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” – JRR Tolkien


Samhain + Celtic Christianity

A few years ago, I discovered Thomas Cahill’s book How the Irish Saved Civilization and was utterly fascinated. A longtime Anglophile, the Celtic traditions of Ireland and Scotland weigh heavy in my heart and my imagination. I was able to travel to Scotland...

Nationalism + Christianity

This is a topic that has been on my mind and heart for quite some time. It is by no means something that I have rectified or come to any sincere conclusions concerning; rather, I sense it will be an ongoing struggle as we move ever forward into new ages of this world....

The Fruit of the Spirit | Intro.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be studying and exploring each of these nine words in depth; but to begin, I thought it best to begin with the overarching concepts that the verses hinge upon: Spirit and fruit.


Within this photograph, I see the world.  There's a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. There's a quest for beauty and wealth. There's an admiration for the natural world around us.There's community. There's also solitude. Last night, I read in Galatians 4 of...


When we follow Jesus, we must realize it’s about Him. It’s about His glory. It is absolutely not about ourselves.