“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” – JRR Tolkien


Will We Forget?

Do you think that,in a few years time, we'll remember these days?Not the statistics, or the politics, or the projections. Not the fear, or the uncertainty,or the panic. Rather - will we remember the daysthat we read booksinstead of going out?Will we remember the...

Fun Board Games for 2 Players

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought that this week I would share some games that are fun for only 2 players, as most group board game nights are probably canceled for now. I'm going to keep this short and just link photos, where you can buy, and some basic info about...

English Country Homes | Decorating Inspiration

Happy Friday, friends! I'm joining you with something a little fun and inconsequential today - some home style inspiration! I have a few things for the home on my purchase list that I'm keeping an eye out for at the moment and, as usual, I turned to Pinterest for some...

Celebrating the Season of Light

I’m one of those people who gets pretty excited to take down the Christmas decorations because, despite how much I adore them, I love that fresh, clean slate. This year, however, I decided to leave a few bits and bobs up - mostly, the dried oranges, evergreen boughs,...

Visualizing My Year

You may have already seen my post about my Rule of Life and how I decided to use this as a framework for 2020 (and beyond!) rather than choosing a resolution or word of the year. I'm still excited about my rule and have been referring back to it regularly. BUT I've...

The Importance of Rhythms + Routines

My personality type - INFJ, Eneagram 4 - is apparently the type that both needs routine the most and finds it the hardest to establish them. And although that is, I'm sure, somewhat due to my personality itself, I can't help but think that it's in part due to the...

Protecting Simplicity

When Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin first meet Strider at The Inn of the Prancing Pony, they are alarmed by his appearance and his reputation. Dirty and unkempt, folk advise them to steer clear of these mysterious wanderers.

Small Steps to Stewardship

One of the things I love about the natural world is how easy it is to find solace in all parts of it. A few weeks ago, I felt God as I looked over the ocean. Today, I feel Him as I listen to the rain fall outside my window.

Unintentional Rhythms

This is not an encouragement to drink tea, nor is it an encouragement to seek order or structure. This is an encouragement to evaluate your life as it stands right now. What little, seemingly inconsequential routines do you find there?