It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.

Hi There!

I’m Christin: part-time Speech-Language Pathologist, full-time bookworm + tea drinker, and occasional traveler. 

I’m striving to find joy at home and on the road, as well as design products that make your life and teaching happier.

What i love

thoughts on faith, books, home, + travel

 The blog is my space to write about things I love. Here, you’ll find my thoughts on the latest book I’ve read (it’s likely Tolkien or Lewis), the tea I’m drinking (with milk and honey, please), the place I’ve visited (always wishing it’s England), or the pondering of my heart while at home (there’s faith involved). 

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Faith, Books, + Life

Advent and JRR Tolkien | Joy and Peace

We've made it through the darkness. We've maintained hope that light will emerge, that good will overcome. We're ready to celebrate. Tolkien's tale of Middle Earth is like a traditional epic in that it follows a story of good versus evil where good comes out on top in...

Advent and JRR Tolkien | Hope and Faith

Last week, I mused over themes of darkness and light in Tolkien's works, linking them to the prevailing theme of light overcoming darkness that we recognize during Advent. This week, I move to the two themes represented by weeks one and two of the traditional Advent...

Advent and JRR Tolkien | Darkness and Light

Advent is upon us! For those unfamiliar with the liturgical tradition and traditional church year calendar, Advent is more than a calendar counting down the days towards Christmas. Instead, it is a season all its own and one of significance in the Christian faith. In...

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