Hi there!

I’m Christin.

Part-time Speech-Language Pathologist, full-time bookworm + tea drinker, and occasional traveler. 

I’m striving to find joy at home and on the road, as well as design products that make your life and teaching happier. 


The Blog

 The blog is my space to write about things I love. Here, you’ll find my thoughts on the latest book I’ve read (it’s likely Tolkien or Lewis), the tea I’m drinking (with milk and honey, please), the place I’ve visited (always wishing it’s England), or the pondering of my heart while at home (there’s faith involved). 

Latest Thoughts on Faith, Books, + Life

The Importance of Rhythms + Routines

My personality type - INFJ, Eneagram 4 - is apparently the type that both needs routine the most and finds it the hardest to establish them. And although that is, I'm sure, somewhat due to my personality itself, I can't help but think that it's in part due to the...

Quick Yoga Videos for Busy, Christian Educators

I love yoga. As a Christian, I've historically had a difficult relationship with whether or not the practice is actually "okay" for a Christian. Is it evil? Demonic? The catalyst for me was discovering some form of Christian yoga - I don't remember what it was. I just...

A Happy Learner.

A Happy Learner is the name of my storefront featuring educational products primarily for Speech-Language Pathologists and special educators, but also functional for teachers and homeschoolers.

My products are designed to be simple and effective, with a focus on both streamlined drills and the inclusion of literacy and environmental learning.

Latest Thoughts on Speech Language Pathology + Education

Complex Sentences | Tips & Materials

Tackling complex sentences is a new adventure for me. I've often been one to "ignore" syntax for other goals, especially in the upper grades when reading comprehension, context clues, and higher order thinking has become so vitally (and very tangibly important). The...