As She Walks Among the Stars

Robe brushes space, hair flows Behind, eyes flit to worlds afar.Creation's daughter dancesAs she wanders among the stars. Glancing down, she discernsA man, cast down, bearing a scar.He treads a path of woeAnd still she waltzes among the stars. His gaze downcast, his...

Will We Forget?

Do you think that,in a few years time, we'll remember these days?Not the statistics, or the politics, or the projections. Not the fear, or the uncertainty,or the panic. Rather - will we remember the daysthat we read booksinstead of going out?Will we remember the...


We gaze,
into an end
we cannot see.

Lay It Down

Why then do you worry?
Oh, why then do you fear?


but mercies are new.


Within this photograph, I see the world.  There's a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. There's a quest for beauty and wealth. There's an admiration for the natural world around us.There's community. There's also solitude. Last night, I read in Galatians 4 of...


Steady now,
the world is moving.